2023 COVID 19 Rules

We’ll be watching CDC guidelines about what is and isn’t recommended. Our goal is to prevent the game becomming a vector for COVID transmission, and we will (if necessary) cancel Events to make this happen.

Common Sense

When possible, try to self-quarantine a few days before an event to give any possible symptoms time to become obvious. If you are symptomatic for COVID or have been asked to quarantine due to exposure, PLEASE STAY HOME. Nothing that happens at this game is worth risking the health of someone else. Embodying Mudita means having concern for other people's health and safety.

Full Vaccination

Players must have received all doses of an approved COVID vaccine. If you are eligible for a booster shot, you are also required to get that before coming to play Kishar.
CDC Guidelines for Booster shots
At this time, our recommendation is that people who have medical reasons that prevent them from being vaccinated should not play Kishar.

Proof of Vaccination

Players must send the Organizers proof of vaccination electronically, before showing up at game. This will simplify check-in a lot, because we won't have to have separate procedures for before we verify your status. Please send a scan of your vaccination card (you may strike "Date of Birth" but we need all the other parts) or an equivalent medical record / confirmation to the Organizer email (see the bottom of this page) prior to the first game date you plan on attending. We will keep a list of all players from whom we have received this information, but we will not otherwise retain records beyond what's already retained via sending an email. If you don't want to send this in the clear you may encrypt a copy and send decryption keys via a separate medium, such as Messenger.

Please help us out by doing this WELL in advance of game.

If your preferred name isn't your legal name, please let us know so we can use the correct name for you at events.

Mask Wearing

Currently, all players are required to wear masks indoors when people who are not members of their pod are present. Food/drink should be consumed outdoors if possible and in private spaces if possible otherwise. N95/KN95 masks are preferred, but clean cloth masks (double-layered) that fit tightly around the face are acceptable. You should bring a new mask for each Day of an Event.

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