Core Book Errata

Section Page Errata
Game Awards 23 Due to a surge in player numbers, we have removed these as they require too much Organizer time to process.
Kismet Awards for Writing 26 Writing a backstory may still award kismet, but the other categories to not. We encourage people to write if they want to and to post thing publicly when possible.
Kismet and the Night Market 71 Due to a surge in player numbers, the ability to request a unique power by default is removed. More slots will be offered for this each Kismet Auction.
Damage Types Summary 78 The types listed here are the one 'default' ones in the system. Occasionally, certain highly unusual effects may produce other types. Should you encounter a different type of damage, assume that this is significant and that your character can perceive the difference.
Color-coded Headbands 80 Purple - Someone wearing a purple headband (or other purple headgear) is a player who is currently acting as a Narrator. This allows you to identify actions and statements taken in this role.
Rituals 93 Without special permission, Rituals are capped at 10 participants.
Rituals 95 Hidden Writing – In addition to its normal function, this ritual can be reversed to reveal the Hidden Writing to someone not authorized to see it. You must have more participants than the original ritual.
Jewelrysmithing 113 Push Your Limits (Teamwork) – This is added to the powers that cannot be put into Jewelry. Any other power that would refresh Exhausting powers is also included.
Conjuration 123 Spirits of the Beyond - The damage type of this summon should be Acid.
Conjuration 123 The Upgrades to Conjure Elemental and Spirits of the Beyond should both use the Animate call, which means they are also subject to the Self-summoning limits.
Conjuration 123 The Upgrade to Spirits of the Beyond should specify that this summon has 25 HP. Additionally, it Heals 10 every 30 seconds (as the base Soothing Touch heal in the Healing tree).
Phasing 135 Ethereal Mastery (Upgrade)The wording on the Sure power should be: "You count as two participants when involved in a Ritual, as long as there's at least one other participant."
Universal 143 In order to allow PCs to buy Rank 1 with Organizations without being Menders, PCs now have 2 options when buying the Information power. You may take 3 subjects as usual, or you may take 1 subject and Rank 1 with an Organization. As a reminder, 'Faithful' is Rank 1 with the Temple Organization.