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Overnights Poll

Postby KisharGM » Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:36 pm

As there has been much discussion about overnights, I want to get a bit more information from players. We are considering overnights for Season 2, which would start somewhere around August. The following poll is to establish what people are ok with, when it comes to overnights.


The options are:
Cabins - check this is you're ok with paying more to get a site with dedicated indoor sleeping facilities
Campsite - check this if you're ok camping outside as long as it's an established campsite (firepit, possible bathroom/showers nearby)
Primitive (woods) - check this if you're ok camping outside in the woods without an established campsite.
Have Tent - check this if you have and would be willing to bring a tent
Do not have tent - check this if you don't or wouldn't.
Not Interested - check this to let me know that you wouldn't be interested in the game having overnights (because you like the current format or hate sleeping outside of your home, etc.)

This should help me get a better idea of how likely I am to be able to use the cheap or free sites.
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