Archery (Aimed Shot)

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Archery (Aimed Shot)

Postby Djeak » Mon May 06, 2013 9:35 pm

Archery in general seems to be a pretty solid skill tree that is at its core a good representation of what archery should be in LARP with a good mixed bag of neat abilities to round things out. The big sticking point for me is Aimed Shot which I think is just too long of a count for what it does. To me this skill seem to be the one that makes an arrow an arrow, high damage and defense penetrating, things that I think they should be able to do with a high degree of regularity.
Im pretty competent with a bow and arrow and can shoot, nock, and pull back another arrow in about 8 seconds. In an average LARP battle something that adds about 5 seconds to that time would be something that I would do nearly every shot and expect minimal reward (say +1 dam.), 10 seconds I would do often, and 20 seconds I would only do maybe once or twice in a battle and would expect it to be a big deal (multiple people get hit with a status effect, do enough damage to severely injure someone in one shot etc). Basically if I can fire 3-4 times in the time that it takes me to cook of one power it should be worth it. As the power stands now (assuming a basic bow with both levels of accuracy) I can either pull an arrow, nock it and take a 10 count (while having the additional cost of always having visual on a single target) to do 6 damage, or fire two arrows for 5 points each. With the upgrade I can draw it, nock it and do a 20 count (again, while always having visual on a single target; 20 seconds is an eternity in combat BTW) for 7 bypass (I do like bypass) or fire between 3-4 arrows for 5 each. Granted, sometimes it is better to shoot less than more, but I think the numbers are compelling.
As it stands with the warcraft tree being able to do bypass for for multiple strikes with no count (with a higher cost though) it actually gives melee a little better access to bypass damage than archers, which I think bypassing defenses is something arrows should excel at.

I would like the Aimed shot power to be changes in such a way that archers can get easier and regular access to bypass damage as well as allowing it to be a damage charge power. My Ideal solution would be this;

R: Begin a countdown (clearly and out loud "aimed shot 1, aimed shot 2, etc.") when you have an arrow nocked (original is drawn and aimed, I dont think it should have to be drawn due to the spirit of kishar being one that doesnt require the physical suffering of their players) and can see a foe. reset the countdown anytime you no longer can see the foe, no longer have an arrow nocked, or have fired your arrow. When you get to 10 Add Convert Bypass with your next arrow.
triangle: if you reach 15, you add 1 Convert Bypass.
arrow: if you reach 20, you Add 2 Convert Bypass.
Triangle (?): reduce total count required by 5 seconds
Triangle (?): reduce total count required by 1 second buyable up to 5 times.

I use "see a foe" rather than the original 'have a clear shot' because this seems to be a hard one to define. if 'clear shot' means completely unobstructed, this goes from a difficult power to use to an impossible one. If it means that you could still conceivably take a shot, well as long as there is a hole the size of a coffee mug I could take the shot, so I think its easier to just say 'can see the foe' as this can still be broken by them actively concealing themselves but is still something that can reasonably be done in combat.

so, there's my rap. Any thoughts?
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