Agressor damage

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Agressor damage

Postby Arieph » Mon May 20, 2013 7:28 pm

I think it might be worth-while to take a look at the damage of agressors. Having now seen an agressor who is basically almost as high as damage can go (i.e. having almost every damage ability backed by both equipment and buffs) and played by a skilled fighter it seemed kind of....lackluster. And given that in general I think masters of arms have the superior method of delivering damage (melee is just better than packets and often better than archery) I can only imagine that the blasty agressors are even further behind. I remember packets feeling cool in the playtests where a fully charged up spell pool meant you could pretty much blow up one NPC; this never felt particularly unreasonable since you were squishy and even at 7 seconds between packets fire way less slowly than a melee character. Now I sort of think there is no way in heck you could do that given how tough monsters seem to be.

Even then, a fully upgraded force bolt which deals 6s vs a fully ugpraded two handed axe which deals 5s is 25 vs 18 (the 2 points that proficiency costs should barely be considered since it can be taken out of freebe points) seems quite outa line. To be more specific I propose the following changes to help remedy these things:


Precision: Add a further upgrade at cost 12 for a further +1 damage.

Weapon Mastery:

Slashing Mastery: Add an upgrade for 2 points that allows your bonus from precision to work with all slashing weapons.

Add the same for bashing and piercing mastery.


Force bolt: Reduce initial cost to 3. Reduce cost of damage and time upgrades to 3, reduce cost of pool upgrades to 2. Add an upgrade: Cost 3: (Meta) "You may halve your force bolt damage to remove its cast time. Such force bolts may not be added to Pool."

Subtle and Violent: Remove pool bonus and exchange it for a damage bonus. Lower the cost of all upgrades to 2.

Add a reliable Power: Force Blast: Cost 3. Recharge 15 with a Recharge 10 upgrade available at a cost of 2. Deliver a Melee Point-Cast Knockback
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