Preparing for November

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Preparing for November

Postby Aomori Suzuran » Wed Oct 21, 2015 3:35 pm

Playing both the proper noblewoman (or at least retainer to nobles) and the adventurer was difficult, more so now than before. Any imperfection as one facet would be interpreted as weakness in the other--or reason why she could not play both roles.

If the troubles in the wastes and corruption within the guild itself were not enough, there was always the heinous spellwork slithering through the ruby city itself. And, of course, that event in November. Suzuran wasn't sure what exactly she thought of Hanako Kuronuma. After all, she had never met the other woman. The surname Kuronuma was enough to keep her suspicious--as was the single letter she had received from Kaoru earlier that year.

Even so. If Suzuran even considered meeting Hanako, there was little harm in being prepared. So, on her day off, the Bey went looking in the Gold Bazaar for some new clothes--an under-kimono (juban), a removable collar, and maybe something more suitable for autumn. There was jest at court that everyone might continue wearing summer patterns, since the weather had yet to even dip into autumn chill. Whether or not Aomori Suzuran would follow that idea was still to be considered as well.
Aomori Suzuran
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Re: Preparing for November

Postby Kasi » Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:16 am

In the section of Gold Bazaar reserved for fine artists, J'ameishut peruses paintings in traditional styles. Ze examines the art work closely and engages the artists in extensive conversations. Some of the artists seem to know zir already and bring out special pieces to show off. Ze is engaged and content, appreciating and offering commentary on the artwork, and ultimately purchases a small, well-crafted traditional mountainscape.
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