A Change of Venues

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A Change of Venues

Postby Ankhabi » Fri May 17, 2013 3:57 pm

Sometime around noon on the day before Ayaru (the Blessings of Spring Festival), Guildmaster Rashad arrives at the Docks Guild with an angry countenance and several scrollcases. Ahmad the Scribe admits him and they have a quiet exchange, after which Rashad is escorted to Ankhabi's office. After a while the sounds of an argument begin inside, although after a few moments the inside of the office goes unnaturally and entirely quiet and there's a faint feel of charged air around it.

Perhaps half an hour later, the bubble of silence breaks and Ankhabi storms out of the office, followed a moment later by Rashad. He looks distantly sad as Ankhabi ignores any questions directed at her to stalk directly out the front door, letting it slam behind her. A small bruise is coming up on Rashad's left cheek, and he turns to the adventurers with a somewhat sterner expression.

"There are some matters afoot that must be dealt with before this Chapter can proceed with its operations. Until this is resolved, I am forced to close this Chapter temporarily. I will have signs posted directing those with jobs to report to the Chapterhouse in the Rice District, where I normally spend my days, and I invite all of you to join us there until such time as you may return here again. Be advised that until I say otherwise, you are to regard Ankhabi Perenast as suspended in her duties as Chaptermistress, and are not to take direction or employ from her."

Stepping back into the office only long enough to recover the scrollcases, he closes the door and directs Ahmad to have it locked, then leaves. If anyone asks him questions, he says only, "I cannot explain at the moment. When there is more information, I will share it with you."
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