RP Forum Rules (Read them!)

Feel free to RP here! Make sure you post where a topic takes place and who may participate (or OPEN if everyone's invited!)

RP Forum Rules (Read them!)

Postby KisharGM » Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:16 pm

Please be mature about your posts here. Keep in mind that while this is a game with adult playership, most players might not want to read certain types of extreme content. Marshals will let you know if you're going too far, but try not to make that required.

Please stay in character while posting in this thread. Anything you post will be assumed to be IC unless you mark it as OOC explicitly.

If you have more than one character, please make it clear which one is saying or doing anything you post.

Try to avoid combat. It's ok to have a bar brawl or deal with a pickpocket, but anything beyond that should be resolved at an actual event. Any combat between PCs must be consensually narrated by those PCs.

Don't power game! If you're interacting with other players, leave it up to them as to how they react to you, or whether or not they notice things, etc. In general, do not dictate the actions of any character that isn't yours.

Please note on your posts where the scene is taking place, and which characters are invited to participate. If any character is welcome, or if the scene takes place in public where anyone could find you, please include the (OPEN) tag in your thread's subject line.

Anything your character says or does in an (OPEN) thread is public knowledge!
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