New Jobs

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New Jobs

Postby KisharGM » Tue May 01, 2012 10:13 am

In one corner of the large room that constitutes the majority of the Adventurer’s Guild Docks District Chapter, a slab of polished wood has been attached to the wall, bearing the words, “Open Jobs – ask Ankhabi”. In addition to a few requests for individuals to serve as bodyguards and tutors, three requests of note have appeared in the last day.

The first, in a neat hand, reads as follows: “The Honorable Caliph Sahir Tang invites the participation of gladiators from the noble houses and the guilds of war that make their home in our most beauteous of cities, the rose Kishar. In two weeks’ time, bouts will be held at the Zhan-Shi Arena, that the paragons of martial prowess in our city may demonstrate to the whole of the Jeweled Cities the might of Kishar’s warriors. Fights will be to the yield, and healers provided for those who must withdraw in the face of their betters. Purses will be commensurate with attendance.” A small note has been tacked onto this in a different hand: “The fighting abilities of your guild have been noted. This year, you are invited to participate as well. Let us see if your claims can be substantiated. –D”

The second is in a more feminine hand. “My lady, honored among the wives of noble houses, wishes to hire a small band of discreet but skilled individuals to determine the whereabouts and daily travels of her husband, blessed be his worthy name. Although she wishes no violence upon his person, he seems to often travel into dangerous areas, thus some competence with these matters is required. Details to be provided upon the acceptance of this job.”

The last is written by the meticulous scribes of the Jin Shi, and sealed and countersigned officially. The terse lines read: “Plague has come again to the Sorrows. This particular malady does not seem to create great lethality, but spreads quickly and disfigures. Magical origins are suspected, and we tender an offer for the investigation of this crime against the Sultan’s great city. Further Inquiries to Satrap Sabirah of the Sorrows.”
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Re: New Jobs

Postby Thane Egil Ironsides » Tue May 01, 2012 10:24 am

"What say ye, fellows? I suspect I am best helpful on the second mission, but might perhaps be of use on the first, as well."
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Re: New Jobs

Postby Prodromus » Tue May 01, 2012 12:31 pm

As I am not a member of your guild, I cannot vote in these matters. However, House Ardashir was done a great service by this guild when they aided in the return of his son, and as such, the Castellan looks favorably on this chapter house. That is why he allows me to offer my services on missions that you may select so long as I have the available time.

If you wish my advice, I can offer some insight into what your choices are.

For the first, I have seen what House Tang offers up for contest. Usually teams of four to eight members are required to compete. While other houses may offer gladiatorial contests for the individual, House Tang prefers team sport exclusively. As such, a well balanced and hardy team would be required. I have yet to experience much of this guild and its members, so while I would prefer fighting for the glory of this chapter house and my own noble house, I would not suggest going in on this contest unless you knew your combatants were strong of arm, strong of spirit, and could work well as a team. For my own part, my powers would aid greatly in such a contest.

For the second mission, I am unfamiliar with the penmenship of this lady, and cannot offer suggestions as to her identity. I know that most here can be discreet in their dealings, and House Ardashir is thankful for that. However, I am less inclined towards such a mission, as it is more of a detective mission to follow and watch the secret dealings of a noble lord simply because his honored lady is curious and fearful for her husband. We would need to be extremely careful so as not to offend the noble lord and cause problems for his house, as that would only visit problems with the house on us all.

As for the third, this is where I may be of more help than the previous mission. I have studied the ways of magic, though mostly in my limited capability. I am also somewhat of a scholar, and may be more beneficial in determining a cause and a way to stop this plague, especially if it is magical in origin, and especially if I had another so studied in the ways of magic. A Necromancer may serve best on such a mission, due to their studies into life and death.

Do let me know what you decide in the way of choices, and if you would care for my services.
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Re: New Jobs

Postby Marcella » Fri May 11, 2012 12:56 pm

"The last sounds best to me," Marcella noted. "If there are sick people about, I'd like to help and protect them! I don't want to spy on the lady's husband... Gloriel says that he is entitled to his privacy, so long as nobody is getting hurt."
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Re: New Jobs

Postby Arieph » Fri May 11, 2012 2:43 pm

"I would say the Gladiatorial boughts or the plague victims.... I would love to assist the Jin Shi, but ze truth is my medicines can do nothing against the plague, even if I were at my pique. Treatment of such sickness is beyond the means of most any healer, and I have no desire to brush with it, but for the sake of the employer and my quiet compatriot's likely interest in pursuing missions for them, I will agree. I am not certain how much I care to follow someone's husband around. By process of elimination I suppose I opt for the Gladiator matches or the Sorrows.."
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