Stories hears concerning May's alleged illnesses

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Stories hears concerning May's alleged illnesses

Postby Prodromus » Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:01 am

Quicksilver Society, that is the name to remember and look up later. Supposedly they were a licensed alchemist’s guild at one time, now they have taken to working underground in the poorest, most gang infested reaches of the city. And why would they be doing this, well for no other reason than top secret experimental alchemies.

Our investigations into the cause of this new illness lead us deep into the heart of the Sorrows. There, buried under an old physician’s treatment center was an entire alchemical lab and experimental chambers. A necromancer was found controlling at least half a dozen zombies, each of which was carrying out a specific part of the alchemical processing for an experimental concoction. This we shut down. Unfortunately we never found this concoction in its completed form, but we did find several acids that they have been creating as well. And the formula for this alchemy, well the necromancer had memorized it, dispersed the parts to her undead, and then forgotten it for security reasons. We had missed the last delivery by what must have been a day or two.

If one wishes to know what this new alchemy does, we did encounter several of the test subjects, including two of the more successful ones. Its effects appear to be more permanent than hoped, as they were trying to create combat drugs on a scale far grander than the simple opiates that many alchemists use to enhance a combatant on the short scale. Those we encountered appeared to be hulking brutes. They shrugged off blows as if we were hitting them with pillows. They ignored most effects that would stun, incapacitate, or otherwise cripple them. Both their minds and their bodies seem to have become more resistant to manipulation. They also possessed great strength and resilience of body, so it took many blows to fell even one. Despite all of these advantages that were bestowed in terms of combat prowess, the individual became almost a mindless, rage driven, killing machine. They appeared to be locked away because none could control them.

As to the disease, it appeared to have been the unfortunate byproduct of an improper venting of waste gasses from their alchemical process. It was initially inhaled and caused the first formation of the disease, but from there, physical contact with one afflicted would transmit it, so that it spread more rapidly when those so inflicted became filled with despair and desperation. Though not lethal, the deformity of flesh was enough to rob people of all but their hope, and that hope caused them to lash out emotionally for any cure.
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