Rumors surrounding a Noble's kidnapping

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Rumors surrounding a Noble's kidnapping

Postby Prodromus » Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:02 am

Ancient ruins, mystical creatures, ancient goh-lems, all a part of rescuing one Bey from dangerous kidnappers.

A local noble fell into harm in a mercantile transaction gone wrong. In response, his kidnappers made ransom of four ancient artifacts from the legacy of the Diamond City, artifacts only barely mentioned in any of the histories of the Daihonsha. As nobody in the Ruby city had knowledge of such artifacts, our party sought information from a source out in the Great Waste. On the road through the desert, we encountered a chimera, mythical three headed beast, that was as large as a standard caravan wagon. Though difficult, our party eventually killed the beast and recovered a strange gland form the beast. This terror of the wastes will terrorize the caravans no longer.

From there we learned of an ancient burial site belonging to a vizier of the 11th sultanate. Within were many relics, probably dating back centuries, which were recovered. Several of these matched the descriptions given for the artifacts that the kidnappers demanded, allowing us to meet the ransom lawfully without needing to institute violence or trickery to ensure the release of the kidnapped noble.

To much regret, the criminals responsible for the kidnapping could not be identified, nor could they be apprehended. They employed the docks to great use, utilizing the loading elevators to gain the artifacts of interest while returning the noble. They made their escape on a ship anchored close by, and as the ship was similar to so many of the transports delivering goods to port, it could not be uniquely identified for capture.

Merchants and nobles should be wary of individuals seeking or selling ancient Diamond City artifacts, as their safety may be at stake.
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