More Work for the Guild. (August Job Post)

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More Work for the Guild. (August Job Post)

Postby Ankhabi » Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:35 pm

Ankhabi enters the room one evening while a number of adventurers seem to be about, looking a bit tired and carrying a sheaf of mixed papers. Looking about the room she clears her throat,"Now that I am back from my various trails and tribulations of bureaucracy, and other such nonsense, I will be giving out the job information once more. I prefer this to a board covered in tattered papers. A bit of a personal touch goes a long way, you know."

She flicks a wrist, snapping the papers flat."There were a number of jobs, but I believe I pulled the best of them for you. Took a bit of doing I might add! Now that Olaf has been gone a few months,"She makes a quick bow of her head,"we are no longer getting preferential treatment. Ah, so sad for us."

Looking down her eyes quickly trace the missive on top of the stack."Hmm. It looks like several orphans with, unusually for orphans, the ability to pay, appeared recently at the Guild's doorstep.. They beg your assistance in helping rid the sewers, back alleys and other hovels where orphans may dwell, of a mysterious creature that is making off with their companions. It looks like this venture will involve going in to some of the less savory areas of town. But these orphans will be paying well! Probably all the money they have in the world."

This paper is tucked in the back and she moves on to the second. As she reads over it one brow arches in interest. "If you seek something that does not involve grubby children and bad parts of town it seems as if there is some money ruin delving. There is a very old structure, recently re-discovered, that promises to hold many tomes and ancient curiosities. The librarians at the Daihonsha would pay well for these texts. Or, if you have connections, you might even be able to find a collector who would offer more. Of course there could be mummies, scorpions or any other manner of beast lurking in such a place. And that is to say nothing of the traps that will surely be there."

"The last choice venture is another request from the Zhan-shi Arena. Their first invitation was ignored by the Dock Chapter of the Guild... a shame. They have noted that our guild boasts many skilled fighters and have invited you to fight in the arena. What an honor!" She smiles at the assembled group. "Fights are, as usual but not always, to the yield and healers will be provided to those teams forced to withdraw. Just think, you'll have a crowd cheering you on, you won't have to travel far on foot and you might even make a name for yourself!"

"Now," She raises one finger and takes a tone that mocks how one might address children." Please remember, there needs to be a consensus on a job. If you spend too much time quibbling and cannot decide, or perhaps choose to abstain, I can always give you one of the less choice jobs. For example, something to do with guarding a camel caravan or chasing giant vermin in the sewers for a tail bounty. Really, it does so hurt my feelings when I bring you such lovely jobs and you seem bored or disinterested by them." Ankhabi gives an overly dramatic sigh and pouts. This expression is then replaced with her normal smile, leaving one to wonder how serious she is. "Ah, well, please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. I will be in the back, doing more paperwork." With a turn and a swish of her forked tail she heads in said direction, calling for one of the serving girls to bring a carafe, no two, of the best wine.
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Re: More Work for the Guild. (August Job Post)

Postby Nobusuke Itagi » Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:27 pm

Itagi lifts a small cup to his lips, sipping calmly as he listens to the list. "...hrm..." He takes careful time to consider the list of potential quests before setting the cup down.

"I have little interest in diving through ruins. Likewise, I have very little interest in fighting in an arena. Being public spectacle is not something I am exceptionally interested in... though the chance for glory does have its advantages. The last one..."

Itagi sighs heavily, reluctant to speak his next words, "Compassion is a tenet of my people, and one of the forms it takes is helping those who cannot help themselves. Perhaps we would do well to show aid to these orphans, and rid Kishar of the beast that plagues their lands."


My order of preference is - Orphans, Arena, Ruin delving)
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Re: More Work for the Guild. (August Job Post)

Postby Arieph » Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:40 pm

Azir shrugged, "Been a while since I've been in a good set of ruins. I think I opt for that. An Arena fight also sounds fine depending upon the group. As for orphans, well, I think we've done enough rescuing of people from misfortune of late and last time it got one of our members sick with plague."

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Re: More Work for the Guild. (August Job Post)

Postby Kasi » Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:13 am

Zahirah smirks with amusement at something Ankhabi says, and listens to the others' comments. Her eyes are guarded as she speaks.
"Ruin Delving sounds interesting... though perhaps dangerous. I know naught of avoiding traps, so we might be left to simply stumbling upon them, but the rewards might be quite intriguing. If we could find someone to assist with the traps, I would prefer this, but if not... I would rather wait to explore this until we have a stronger group. As to the orphans?" She makes a dismissive sound. "They need to learn the strength to help themselves, in my opinion, but if they are willing to pay, perhaps we can help them this once.
"I have no interest in the arena, but either of the other missions would be acceptable."

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Re: More Work for the Guild. (August Job Post)

Postby KisharGM » Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:48 am

FYI, it will be Orphans. Still trying to get things caught up from Gen Con. ^_^
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