Keeping the streets safe for your children.

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Keeping the streets safe for your children.

Postby Prodromus » Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:13 pm

Keeping the streets safe is all in a day’s work for House Ardashir and the members of the Dock’s Guild. This month’s beneficiaries of our good graces were the merchants, shopkeepers, and sailors of the Sailor’s District.
Our day began with a valiant rescue of a crew that had just set into port with their cargo. We were not the only individuals interested in matters within this district, as orcish corsairs saw the newly arrived cargo as ripe for the plunder. As there was no sign of local guards or district militia about, our valiant group harried these marauders, beating many into unconsciousness to be picked up and dealt with later by the local troops, and driving off the remaining few. Much was saved that day due to our quick thinking and benevolence.
This was but a minor distraction from our real mission. We had received word that terrible forces had been kidnapping children from the streets of the Sailor’s District, and we took it upon ourselves to try and recover those that had gone missing, and to end the terrible problem.
Our investigations took us all over the district, and then finally under it, as those responsible for the kidnappings had been using the sewers for their dastardly deeds, and had skillfully cut the locks on the sewer grates in such a way that it was not obvious that they were in any way tampered with.
I can tell you all that going down under the districts is not a pleasant place to go, and the Sailor’s District is probably worse than most. Despite at times moving about in waist deep sewage, we ventured on, as your children’s safety, and the safety of all children, was of utmost importance to us. We wandered through areas that had been skillfully trapped by those that made off with the children, but not even these dangers could thwart us.
We faced down a giant alligator that must have been imported to the sewers as an additional deterrent by these kidnappers, for no such creature would naturally exist in such an environment. It posed little threat to us.
We encountered primal folk living in the sewers who had also become victims of these terrible kidnappers. They beseeched our aid in eliminating these horrible men from their homes, and we graciously offered our aid to them as well.
What we found deep in the bowels of the Sailor’s District was a cult, dedicating themselves to chaos and destruction, that had been stealing children off of the streets and combining pieces of human children with pieces of the primal folk children to create horrible monsters. We did not pause long enough to question this cult on their final intent for such an army of monsters, nor did the cultists seem intent on speaking with us on that matter. They were ferocious combatants, unleashing the poor children, whose minds and flesh had been corrupted by their transformation, upon us and calling upon dark magics to pelt us with flame in addition to steal and arrow shafts. However, they were no match for the combined might of the Dock’s District Adventurers Guild and House Ardashir, and their machinations were brought to a close. We rescued what children had not been turned by their corrupting magics and foul surgeries, finding no way to change those poor souls that had been changed into not but monstrous beasts, and reported these findings back to those that could further report them to the Jin Shi and have the matter cleaned up.
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