September's Jobs

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September's Jobs

Postby KisharGM » Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:24 pm

One of the junior scribes for the Adventurer’s Guild arrives at lunchtime, bearing several scrolls. After getting the attention of the various gathered adventures, he unrolls the first and begins to speak.

“The Chaptermistress has brought the following jobs before you for your consideration. First, there is a tailor in the High District who wishes to craft some garments of roc feathers. These being only found in the high mountains, an expedition to recover them is sought, with rewards being proportional to the effort.” He rolls this scroll up and proceeds to the next.

“We have received this somewhat colorful missive from a sea captain requesting aid – ‘Action! Adventure! Excitement on the high seas! All this and more could be yours. Oh, and a fair bit of coin for your trouble as well. Monsters of the deep are making trouble for my ships at sea and disrupting my shipping lanes. Aid in clearing the waves of these menaces will be greatly rewarded.’ If there are sailors among you, you know how important this sort of thing can be. The captain offers a good store of silver for your trouble, and his gratitude as well.” This scroll is stowed as well and he unrolls the last one.

“A rare white camel that belongs to a noble house has been stolen! The noble in question wishes the return of this auspicious animal, last seen spirited away by the grubby hands of thieves and vagabonds. The camel’s location is unknown, except that it has not yet left this blessed city. The noble house asks for justice and will pay if the camel can be recovered safely.”

“Please discuss these amongst yourselves. As the last mission was selected due to a vocal minority, the Chaptermistress has decreed that in lieu of a majority in favor of one job or another, she will make the decision personally, in terms of what most favors the Guild.”
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Re: September's Jobs

Postby KisharGM » Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:27 pm

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Re: September's Jobs

Postby Thane Egil Ironsides » Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:48 pm

I think I might feel most at home on the first mission, but I can see how I could be an asset on the second and third missions.
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Re: September's Jobs

Postby pathfinderq1 » Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:47 am

Ishaq: "Not really so sure we want to be muckin' about in the city lookin' for a special camel like that. Last time ya all went troopin' round town ya came back covered in, well, y know... And if it is a noble who has lost that camel, might be other nobles who took it, or their men, playin' at the feuds of the high an' mighty- it ain't like real professionals would be like to steal a stinky, ornery camel. And if we get caught up in those kind of games we might get covered in something worse than ya found before..." The slender ragged man cleared his throat and looked around the room. "Now, no offense meant to the honored friends of this 'ere Adventurers Guild, but a lot of the time it is best ta just leave the nobles to their own business, and not get caught between Houses. Now, me personally, I ain't never really been out of the city but once or twice- might be nice to see the sights that the gods has created and put out in the wilds..."
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Re: September's Jobs

Postby Ankhabi » Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:46 am

As there was some discussion but no strong consensus, I have chosen the job that was least objected to - the sea captain's request. This contract is important not only because it will pay well, but also because the Adventurer's Guild has no other contacts among the shipmasters. If you carry out this task, we will be able to bargain for more favorable import of goods or transportation should we need it for other work. I am counting on you all to uphold the high standards of performance that distinguish this Guild.
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