Need something done?

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Need something done?

Postby Prodromus » Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:04 pm

Having difficulties in your business or in your life? Need a hand solving those problems? The adventurers of the Docks Adventurers’ Guild are here to lend a hand.
Need references on their work, just ask local shipping captains about their latest contract.
Because of them, the waterways are now a bit safer from raids by Orcish Corsairs. Not only did they thwart an attempt to board and commandeer a shipping vessel, but they went one step further. They hunted down the home port of this group of Corsairs and took the law to them. They brought steel and magic to bear and cleared out the nest of these brigands that had formed on a local island along a major shipping lane. Where once these orcs would build crude ships, set out to sea, plunder cargo laden vessels, and then return to their small port fat with spoils, now only ruin and silence remain. No more corsairs reside in that region for now, and we shall all hope that these efforts will prove a warning to others so as to make them think twice before embracing the life of piracy and forming such raiding parties.
Also, this fine collection of adventurers is not only good at dealing with folk, but with strange and bizarre creatures as well. Storm trolls? Not a problem. Water elementals? They can deal with them. Harpies? Even these winged denizens of the sky are no match for such trained adventurers.
And adverse environments are no problem for these brave heroes. They ventured far out to see to face great denizens of the deep. Swimming with sharks to clear the way was all in a day’s work, even when the shark was the size of a caravan wagon. And those are as babies when you compare their size to the great leviathan that was slain by their hands. Such menaces will no longer hinder the great trade routes across the Silver Seas, nor will they ever take the lives of the brave men and women who sail those seas to bring back exotic trade goods from afar.
So, if you have a problem, big or small, and the funds to hire them, your money will not go to waste. You can count on them to get the job done, and with as much or as little discretion as you desire.
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