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J'ameishut is one of the mysterious and stoic Shar'vin, a race of genderless, crystalline people, said to be among the oldest in the world. J'ameishut seems to be made of living amethyst, with the subtle pulse of life under shiny, geode-like skin. Ze is a respected member of the civil service, the Jin Shi, with the rank of Special Investigator, and is known to wield the baton of office and the law with a firm zeal. Ze is otherwise stoic and reserved, except to express occasional disgust at the habit of gendered, sexually-reproducing species, or at lawbreakers, for whom ze has little sympathy.
J'ameishut is very matter-of-fact and unyielding about the law, which has led to occasional tension within the guild. Ze has little patience for the corruption and crime rampant in the Ruby City and seeks to thwart it at all turns, including among the city's servants and nobility; no one is above the law. With a firm grasp of finance and accounting, also, ze seeks to root out and stop bribery and money laundering, which is how ze and Suzaran Almori came to learn of Del'ahari's deception. Now the two share duties auditing the record books and inventory of the Docks' and Desert Adventurers' Guild posts, respectively.

J'ameishut is known to appreciate scholars, public servants, and anyone with good, proper manners and behavior.

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