Gar Terraemotus

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Gar Terraemotus

Postby Gar » Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:08 pm

Gar's entrance into existence began one dark night on the shore of a beach. He was but a little child, wet and lost. The basket that had brought him to this shore was pulled back out to sea by the current, which almost pulled him in as well. The sand on the beach pelted against his grey scales and blew into his eyes, stinging and disorienting the young dragon-kin. Gar ended up finding the jeweled city by accident, he walked for what seemed like days. One day he saw the golden tops of the city, and thought it was an illusion.

When he arrived in town, the streets were not dead, but instead they were alive with people. The noise was almost too much for the dragon-kin to bear. Vendors everywhere shouting at the top of their lungs to sell their wares. Gar was bounced around as people passed him by, some shouted and some cursed at him for being in their way. He was just a child and wasn't used to this place. Gar kept moving and finally ended up sitting on some steps away from the crowds of people. He sat there watching as the people moved like the sea that he came from. As he watched a noise came from behind him.

As Gar looked over his shoulder, he saw a robed man step out. His robes were black and very well maintained. He carried himself upright and held in his hand a symbol of some sort. Gar shifted his seating a bit, but the man sat next to him. He didn't say anything, he just looked at Gar and at the crowd. They both sat for a good while just watching and listening to everything. They saw guards and street performers pass by, Gar felt something in his stomach and the back of his mind as he watched the people. When the streets calmed down, the robed man stood up and motioned for Gar to follow him. Gar was leery of him, but the look the man had in his eyes put Gar's worry's at ease.

Gar looked up before he entered and noticed a huge Sun carved into the front side of the building, with letters he didn't know. Gar shrugged and entered. The priests told him of the Temple and its meaning. They showed him where he would be staying, since he had no home to claim. In the morning the priests began teaching him of Auran and his ways. How evil and undead are a blight in this world, they must be banished to ensure peace. They sent him out on a test when he was 15, to dispatch a demon in the docks. As he approached the docks he could feel the evil emanating from the demon, as though he had a sixth sense. The demon was bigger than Gar and was surrounded in fire. There was collateral damage, but when Gar returned he was told not to worry, it would be taken care of. There was a ceremony, the next day, where he was anointed as a member of the temple. Gar received his own robes and symbol of Auran. They told Gar that the missions he would be going on would test him and he may not come back at all. Each time he left the temple he said his goodbyes, but adding in that he shall return.

One day while out on a mission Gar ran into, literally, Kira. She was a dragonkin like him! Her brown scales told of her element and heritage. Gar didn't have time to get out a word before the guards shouted around the corner. They obviously were chasing her, for what Gar didn't know but he wasn't going to watch another of his kind behind bars. He stood in front of her and held out his hand. The guards stopped and demanded Gar to turn her over, on the charge of theft. Gar only shook his head in defiance, there was a feeling to these guards. Gar knew exactly what it meant, they were corrupt and he could sense it on them. Gar drew his blades and said " If you don't want to die i suggest you leave, now"

The guards smirked and looked around. "No one will miss a couple of...whatever you are!" The guards began to move towards them, weapons drawn aswell. Gar didn't flinch but instead his hand glowed with light and two bolts of energy erupted forth, striking both guards. "Take your leave or by my god i shall take your life!" The guards payed no attention to Gar's warning, they attacked again. This time Kira was ready with her swords as well. She jumped over gars shoulders using him as a stiff platform, her blades flashed in the light and as she landed, the blood sprayed from the neck of one of the guards. The other guard lunged at Gar and with on motion Gar put a blade thru the his chest! After the back alley battle, Gar cleaned off his blades and looked around. He grabbed Kira and walked into the crowd, as they moved Gar found that Kira knew how to manipulate the crowd and get lost easy. They soon found a spot to talk in another alley. As things dyed down from the earlier scuffle Gar and Kira stories of their youth, both who and what they were.

Gar took Kira on his mission, which went much smoother than what he was expecting. Thanks to her excellent knowledge of tracking. Having a partner that is both of your kind and accepts you for who you are, makes for both pleasant company and a extra set of blades in a fight. The two became one, a mated pair of Earth dragon-kin. Gar hopes one day to become an acolyte of the temple and with Kira at his side, he plans to make sure that evil is stopped, at any cost!
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