Aomori Suzuran

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Aomori Suzuran

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A pure-blood high human lady of obvious noble lineage and good breeding. Her skin is golden brown, and both her eyes and hair are black typical of humans in the Jeweled cities. Her home is the Pearl City, but she lives in Kishar with relatives for the moment. She has been named as heir to her family name, Aomori, and is often seen at the Ruby Court when not at the Adventurer's Guild. For those who prefer high human women, Suzuran is considered quite attractive.

She smells of distinct, high-class and expensive perfumes and uses fashionable cosmetics. Wherever Suzuran is found, the tawny Moa named Maru is always close. Maru, although full-grown, sometimes seems to forget that he is not a chick and will attempt to enter buildings with doors far too small to accommodate him. He also is on a perpetual hunt for snacks.

Aomori House: Not so well-known in Kishar. But, those who know of trade goods or noble families would recognize the name. They are a noble house in the permanent retainer of a noble family with high standing in the Pearl City, House Murakami. Well known as artisans.
Aomori Suzuran
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