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Emberclaw is a middle-aged gnoll of the Lightning Stones tribe, grand-niece to Flintspark herself, and seemingly well-respected among the tribe. The Lightning Stones initially tentative acceptance by the Desert Outpost Adventurers and workers has been strengthened both by the welcome of the local Chaptermaster and by interrelationships between the tribe, workers, and guild, including Emberclaw's admission to the Adventurers' Guild.

Emberclaw wears bright but simple clothing, as is often sported by the gnolls, but it seems she takes more care than some to keep her clothes bright and tidy and her hair, a mix of tawny and black, neatly braided. She is fairly well-spoken and diplomatic, as gnolls go, but in the spirit of a fight will yip and cackle in ways those from the great cities sometimes find unsettling. Nevertheless, she keeps her finger on the pulse of the Outpost and helps keep Flintspark and the Adventurers informed and working together.

Emberclaw is also known to have a mate among the tribe and three kits of varying ages. She has taken Kit, the young snow leopard Primal Folk with burgeoning elemental powers, to live with her family and tribe while she learns to hone and control her skills. Emberclaw also retains a skilled Animist, a dark cat Primal Folk named Kohl, to assist in the defense of the outpost.
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