Marketplace Rules (Read them!)

A space where you can advertise items you might like to sell. Old sword doesn’t work for your style? Have a penchant for making clothing and jewelry? House overflowing with unused LARP goods? Sell it all here!

Marketplace Rules (Read them!)

Postby Ankhabi » Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:02 pm

So, there are a few rules of course!

You can use IG money, OOG money and barter for items.

You may NOT sell items that are inappropriate to game. No DVDs, T.V.s, illegal items and things of that sort.

You may sell almost anything that is LARP appropriate: Hookahs, clothing, latex weapons, IG services, art commissions, teas, all sorts of things. You may also list, if you wish, food that you will be bringing to game for IG coin.

Please do not use this forum to argue about prop quality or whether the prop would be setting-appropriate. Take it to PMs or e-mails if you absolutely must voice your opinions.
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