Dit Da Jow & Baked Goods

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Dit Da Jow & Baked Goods

Postby Auyl » Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:08 pm

Hello All,

At next Owl con I will be bringing two batches of a chinese liniment known as Dit Da Jow. This is used for all sorts of different reasons like bruising internal and external, broken bones, blood stasis and poor circulation. It is also used for martial arts training to help strengthen the body and help the body prevent bruising, and I personally love using it for massages. I will be selling bottles at game for about 10-12 depending on which one you would like.
There is also possibilities for massages to be bought with in game currency due to the fact I will have everything with me. The massages and cupping can be in or out of character, I will be in character the entire time until game switch over or until the event is over. And there will pretty much always be baked goods when I am there.
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