Come Demo Kishar!

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Come Demo Kishar!

Postby KisharGM » Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:32 pm

There is a -free- gaming Con coming up in Indy on March 2-4 (I hear it's a good small con!):

They're looking for people who play fantasy boffer larps to demonstrate them on Saturday morning. From their proposal:

"To address this, I am organizing a mixed LARP "demo" on Saturday morning of the con. The Camirilla vampire LARP has folks planning to show the basic mechanics of how their LARP works. As you've probably
guessed... I'd like to see a demonstration of how Fantasy Boffer LARP works.

So here it is: Would any of you folks be interested in spending a few hours at the con in costume? Would you be interested in being part of the demo? Would you be interested in helping me figure ou...t what a fantasy boffer LARP demo even is?"

I'm unfortunately out of town that weekend at an academic conference, but if we can run a demo there, it would get us some new players, which is something we definitely need!

I'm willing to offer 3XP (A base game's worth of XP) to anyone willing to commit to going and demoing Kishar. I can give you the stats for some basic monsters and you can use the basic characters from the easy
character creation guide, or run your own characters! Ideally you should be relatively familiar with the game system, and have at least the condensed rules printed out. Show off your costumes while you're at it!

So, any takers?
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