Having a problem?

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Having a problem?

Postby Prodromus » Fri May 10, 2013 1:50 pm

(Again, a letter posted around town and in the various markets).

Are you in need of some help? Are your competitors making life difficult for you? Maybe you just have a task that is too difficult to accomplish by yourself. Then, why not turn to your local Dock's chapter of the Adventurer's Guild.

They are quite handy at completing any task, whether it be finding and retrieving a desired item, locating oddities for your collection, or offering protection to those in need of a bit of hired muscle. Service is as discrete as you desire, and confidentiality is always upheld.

No job is too difficult for this Adventurer's Guild, with pricing better than one could find from hired mercenaries, and the respect and service you deserve.

So, if you have a job that needs completing, just head on down the the Dock's chapter of the Adventurer's Guild today.
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