Game Volunteers

Roles Person Details
Mediator Andrew K. knightedge at
Mediator* Josh G. (Pumpkin) jsmgriep at
Mediator Shiv castawayonhsi at
Character Consultant Christian W. christiancampaigns at
Media and Outreach Beth N. elinyr.syldithas.nvea at
Quartermaster Andrew K. knightedge at
Quartermaster Brandon G. gsquare127 at
Quartermaster Katherine S. sunisinourhands at
Narrator Andrew K. knightedge at
Narrator* Brandon G. gsquare127 at
Narrator Christian W. christiancampaigns at
Narrator* Katherine S. sunsinourhands at
Narrator* Josh G. (Pumpkin) jsmgriep at
Proxy Andrew K. knightedge at
Proxy Christian W. christiancampaigns at
Proxy Herb S. praenomen at
Proxy* Josh G. (Pumpkin) jsmgriep at

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