Fantastical live-action roleplay, combat, and adventure in an Arabian Nights-inspired setting.

Information for New Players

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Simplified Rules Guide (v9)

Player Waiver - You may bring a signed copy of this waiver to game, or we can print one for you to sign.

Please note the following language from our Player Waiver:

"Players must be 18 years of age unless accompanied to each Event by a parent or legal guardian, in which case they must be at least 16. If players have received disciplinary action from another game in the last 10 years, they must disclose this when they join Kishar."

Players who are 16 or 17 must also have a legal guardian sign a waiver on their behalf, and this must happen in from of an Organizer. We encourage anyone with concerns about whether the game is age-appropriate to reach out to staff by email.