Fantastical live-action roleplay, combat, and adventure in an Arabian Nights-inspired setting.

Kishar Rules

Core Book (v12 Draft) In addition to the rules needed to play the game, this document includes information about the playable lineages and classes, and explains how to build a character.

Simplified Rules Guide (v9, out of date) This simplified guide introduces new players to the core mechanics of the game. If you're planning to come out for your first time, read this first!

Current Volunteers These players have special roles in the game.

Errata and Changelogs Major revisions to the rulebook come out twice a season. In the meantime, rulings made between games are collected here, along with any errata issued to correct unclear wordings.

Army Rules An occasionally-used system for Army-level combats.

Naval Rules If we ever need fleet-level naval combat, we use game pieces and rules from the Pirates system (we have no ownership of this system). The rules listed here are a comprehensive set created in 2013 and originally hosted here: . We provide the source to attribute development and claim no ownership over this document.